“Persephone” set to music

Here's a special musical treat for your Saturday!!  I'm so excited to share a wondrous song by the indescribably magical cellist Betsy Tinney, Musician...I had the luck of happening upon Betsy's ethereal music at the farmer's market one day, and then discovered that she plays at many of the same local fairy festivals that I vend … Continue reading “Persephone” set to music

Fall Fantasy Faire

Autumn is my favorite time of year.  Each season brings its unique charm and inspiration, of course, but my heart tends to leap at a chill in the air, warm scarves, crackling fires, warm apple cider, and all those other comforting autumnal delights. On September 17th, I had the great pleasure of sharing my art at … Continue reading Fall Fantasy Faire

Spring Fairy Festival

Last weekend, we headed to Tacoma for the Spring Fairy Festival - this was our third year vending at it, and our first time setting up shop outdoors.  It was quite the adventure, since we arrived in a bit of a downpour of rain...the tent kept us dry, thankfully, but a persistent wind kept blowing through.  That's … Continue reading Spring Fairy Festival