Storytelling with whimsical, woodland illustrations.

“The moral law lies at the centre of nature and radiates to the circumference.  It is the pith and marrow of every substance, every relation, and every process. All things with which we deal, preach to us.”


Step into the fairy ring…

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Storytelling with whimsical, woodland illustrations

Hearthstone Fables is a magical woodland world inspired by folklore, nature, nostalgia, and seasonal & liturgical rhythms. These little drawings & paintings portray quiet scenes that look at the sacred world with wonder, give glimpses of mysterious stories, and invoke a comforting sense of hearth + home.

“There is a lesson in each flower,

A story, in each stream and bower;

On every herb which you tread,

Are written words, which rightly read,

Will lead you from earth’s fragrant sod,

to Hope, to Holiness, and God.”