Michaelmas is a celebration of the triumph of light over darkness, and since it’s placed right at the beginning of Autumn, it incorporates all sorts of meals, animals, and flowers that are emblematic of that liminal time…


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About Me

Welcome! Thanks so much for visiting – I’m Kristin Haakenson, and I’m an artist & farmer creating folk art inspired by the sacred reminders, agrarian rhythms, nature cycles, & heritage traditions of the liturgical calendar.

The church year reorders time – it weaves the story of Christ into the seasons of nature and the rhythms of an agricultural life, knitting together sacred story with agrarian tradition. Feasts, festivals, and fasts dot the landscape of these cycles, allowing nature and theology to illuminate one another. Life on our farm, so closely connected to the whims of the seasons, has deepened my walk through the liturgical year.

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