Soul Cakes for Hallowtide

“Upon the second day of this Month, on which is commemorated The Feast of All Souls, it hath been a Custom, time out of mind, for good People to set on a Table-Board a high heap of Soul-Cakes, lying one upon another, like to the Shew-Bread in the Bible.”They were in form about the bigness…

Kail-torches for All Hallows’ Eve

Then, first an’ foremost, thro’ the kail,Their stocks maun a’ be sought ance; They steek their een, and grape an’ waleFor muckle anes, an’ straught anes.Poor hav’rel Will fell aff the drift,An’ wandered thro’ the bow-kail,An’ pou’t for want o’ better shiftA runt was like a sow-tailSae bow’t that night. Robert Burns, “Halloween” Although pumpkin…

Autumnal Grape Soda

A herald of Autumn days, Concord grapes make for a bright, refreshing soda – perfect for spells of warmer weather during the early fall. Concord grapes were developed in Concord, Massachusetts, and they’re usually harvested from September to late October. Here on our farm in the Pacific Northwest, we just harvested the rest of our…

Marymas Rosewater Cakelets

In September, near the feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, many rose bushes here in the Pacific Northwest have another bloom. Since Mary is so intertwined with roses, a whimsical rosewater delicacy is such a fitting way to “taste” the beauty of this holiday! “The brightness of the sun is upon thy…


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I’m Kristin Haakenson – an artist, farmer, & mom creating art and resources for seasonal living through the liturgical year.

In life on our farm in the Pacific Northwest, I lean into the agrarian roots & rhythms of the liturgical calendar. My artwork uses flora, fauna, and the heritage traditions of bygone days to reflect on these ancient rhythms of the Church year, and my hope is that these resources would help to enrich your own journeys through the calendar, making the fruits of ancient traditions present in our modern lives.


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