Bartlemas “flayed” leather bracelets

When celebrating feasts in the liturgical calendar, I love trying to find crafts that can somehow teach us about the story we’re walking through. Memory is so tied to the tangible, after all. In thinking about a craft for Bartlemas, I wasn’t quite sure where to go – St. Bartholomew’s martyrdom was famously grisly: he […]

Bartlemas Gazpacho

This refreshing, summertime gazpacho (a cold soup) is made of watermelon and fresh vegetables. It’s inspired by the St. Bartholomew’s Day watermelon festival in Rome! Watermelon season is at its height this time of year, so it’s a fitting way to weave together the growing season with the liturgical calendar. It’s a really simple recipe, […]

Madonna of the Peaches Soda

Inspired by the role of peaches in iconography and to accompany my Madonna of the Peaches reflections and art, here’s a recipe for peach soda! The Marian month of August is also the time of year when peaches are plentiful. This stone fruit appears occasionally in iconography, usually being featured in paintings of Mary & […]

Rushbearing for the domestic church

Historically, churches and other buildings had hard, cold dirt floors. To provide some warmth and comfort to parishioners in a time before pews were used, rushes (Acorus calamus), mixed with aromatic flowers & herbs, were strewn on the church floor. The flowers added both a fresh, wonderful scent, as well as some natural insect-repellent. This […]


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I’m Kristin Haakenson – an artist, farmer, & mom creating art and resources for seasonal living through the liturgical year.

In life on our farm in the Pacific Northwest, I lean into the agrarian roots & rhythms of the liturgical calendar. My artwork uses flora, fauna, and the heritage traditions of bygone days to reflect on these ancient rhythms of the Church year, and my hope is that these resources would help to enrich your own journeys through the calendar, making the fruits of ancient traditions present in our modern lives.


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