Landscape is not matter nor merely nature, rather it enjoys a luminosity. Landscape is numinous. Each field has a different name, and in each place something different happened. Landscape has a secret and silent memory, a narrative of presence where nothing is ever lost or forgotten.

John O’Donohue, Anam Cara

Welcome! Thanks so much for visiting – I’m Kristin Jurist Haakenson, and I’m an old soul telling stories with nostalgic paintings and whimsical illustrations.

Through my art, I explore a Sense of Place + Past – the heart of landscape – and the way it weaves into our own human experience. I look at Place in both a geographic and a temporal sense…the soulful uniqueness inherent in a myriad of landscapes, and the way the accumulation of history speaks through them. I was born & raised in the sweeping prairie of eastern Montana and have settled on our organic farm in Washington’s lush, moonlit Snoqualmie Valley (“Sdob-dwahibbluh” in the Salish language, meaning “moon”). My inspiration is fueled by these homeplaces, the inspiring spaces I’ve traveled to, and the history speaking through all of them.

I’m a self-taught artist working in acrylics, colored pencil, watercolor, & collage. For collage work, I collect antique labels, photos, and documents, and these provide historical inspiration and context for my paintings. My creating happens in a cozy studio, sheltered by a couple of maple trees that were planted at one of the original homestead sites here over a hundred years ago.

All of my art is created in memory of my mother, Judy, and my sister, Kathy – the most effervescent, joyous, inspiring women. The world is a brighter place because of them. Their strength taught me to look for pockets of wonder everywhere, even when times are hard, and that’s what I hope to share through my work.

Thank you for joining me on the journey – feel free to reach out & send me a note any time!

Best wishes,