Mint carpet for the Assumption

Historically, church aisles would be carpeted with mint for the Assumption – as parishioners walked across the mint, every footstep released fragrance.

What a beautiful, tangible way of calling to mind the Assumption of Mary!

A few years ago, we began folding this fragrant tradition into our home. We harvest fresh mint from our fields and then scatter it on our doormat. Every time we come and go across the threshold, our footsteps release an aromatic reminder of Our Lady.

“We must have mints, too, for they were strewn on the streets and Church aisles for the Virgin’s procession.”

Florence Berger, “Cooking for Christ: Your Kitchen Prayerbook”

If you have mint available, or any other herb for that matter (thyme & rosemary are a few other herbs specifically tied to Mary!), try spreading it across your doormat or in your entryway for the Assumption. It’s a tangible way of weaving together the summer herb harvest with the spiritual beauty of this solemnity.

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