Snowberries – shop update!

Here in the Pacific Northwest, our winters are notoriously gray. The past few weeks have seen snowfall and flooding, as well as classic PNW moody, misty days.

When our landscape settles into this gray & rainy winter weather, one of my favorite plants makes itself known like a beacon – Snowberry (Symphoricarpos albus). With so many surrounding plants having shed their leaves, and with the dramatic backdrop of dark evergreens, ferns, and moss, these bright snowberries almost appear to dance like fairy lights when a breeze moves through them.

Every winter, it’s almost as if all these other plants step back to let Snowberry really shine.

To celebrate this precious winter berry, I’ve added some art to my Etsy shop!

This snowberry-clad elk, resting in a snowdrift, was created with handmade watercolors, ink, and some white gouache. The original is in my shop now, and prints will be arriving soon!

I’ve also posted this little Vignette – Owl bearing a sprig of glowing snowberries through the wintry night sky. Created with colored pencil, ink, and white gel pen on toned paper, this drawing comes already framed. My wee Vignettes are designed to bring cheer and whimsy into every nook & cranny at home…tuck them behind the draping fronds of a fern, amidst dusty books on the shelf, or in any sheltered corner where they can be a magical little surprise!

Reading about Snowberry in Montana Native Plants & Early Peoples by Jeff Hart, Illustrated by Jacqueline Moore

Are there Snowberries where you live, or is this plant new to you? (Snowberry blossoms, by the way, are delicate, pink, and absolutely lovely – but I’ll have to wait a bit longer to paint those beauties).

Thanks so much for following along, and please take a peek at my Etsy shop if you’re interested in these two originals!

Best wishes,

P.S. Keep an eye out for some sweet Valentine cards and art coming soon, too!

5 responses to “Snowberries – shop update!”

  1. Awww, I LOVED that little owl! I saw that it was already, *sigh!* ah well, I know you’ll paint more, right?!?! You know, I have never heard of snowberries! They definitely dont grow here. So fun learning about new plants!


    • You’re so sweet Heather, thank you!! I’ll definitely be doing more of these sweet little guys!

      Aren’t snowberries wonderful?! Apparently they’re in Montana, though I never saw them there growing up. But they’re out here in WA, and I LOVE them – they’re also called ghostberries, so they have a fun sooky side too. 😀


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