Twelve Days of Christmas printable scene collection

Twelve Days of Christmas printable scene collection

Hello friends! I hope you’ve been enjoying Advent so far – for some reason, I feel like this Advent has flown by faster than usual.

I’ve managed to finish this special project, though, which has been a real labor of love. I actually started working on it last Advent, set it aside, and returned to it this December. It’s been a joy to dream up all the little elements in these scenes, and I hope they bring you some joy, too!

After lots of imagining, painting, and engineering, I’m so excited to share this new printable collection with you!  It includes twelve little woodland scenes, each celebrating a day in Christmastide and inspired by a verse from the classic carol.

Assemble these one day at a time, and by the end of Christmastide, a whole woodland gathering will have appeared!  Each scene is designed for open-ended play, with interactive, storytelling elements: you can place the little partridge in her pear tree, tuck the geese into their nest (and fluff it with some feathers and juniper), help the swans swim in their pond, and more.

I like to save our paper scenes after the holiday has passed, pop them into a little envelope, and add that to my liturgical binder – then I can pull it out again next year, ready to use (or print it again, and re-build for fun!)

If you’d like to learn more or purchase this collection as an instant digital download, please visit my Etsy shop!

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