Halloween shop update

Halloween shop update

Preview of Etsy Shop Update:
Wednesday, October 20 at 10 am PST

at http://hearthstonefables.etsy.com

If you’ve followed my art journey for awhile, you probably know that Halloween (and the Hallowtide ‘triduum’ of All Hallows’ Eve, All Saints’ Day, & All Souls’ Day) is my absolute favorite holiday. I’ve always loved this liminal celebration for the way it invites us to remember the great unseen “cloud of witnesses” of which we are a part. It holds the tension of the past & the present, giving us an opportunity to playfully acknowledge mysteries that we often avoid confronting.

Adding to my love of Halloween is the good fortune we have of having a pumpkin patch, here on our diversified farm! So, the month of October is filled with the sights & sounds of our weeky Harvest Festival, complete with hot spiced apple cider, pumpkins on the vine, and all the wonderful autumn things. All of these things help to inspire the little stories that I like to tell through my art.

The photos below are a preview of what will appear in my Etsy shop – if you’re interested in purchasing anything, please visit my Etsy shop on Wednesday, October 20 at 10 am PST…and of course feel free to get in touch with any questions in the meantime!

(Due to high international shipping costs and long international shipping delays, I’m unfortunately not shipping internationally at the moment – I’m so sorry for the inconvenience. I always want to be sure your art gets to you in a timely, safe way! If you are an international friend and would like to purchase something from my shop once the update goes live, please message me on Etsy or send me a note through my web site – I’d be happy to look into getting accurate shipping info for you).


Tiny glimpses into the world of Hearthstone Fables, these enchanting fairy-sized Vignettes bring cheer and whimsy into a home’s every nook and cranny. Tuck them behind the draping fronds of a fern, amidst dusty books on the shelf…miniature windows into a whimsical world, they enliven all of the sheltered corners at home.

Vignettes are hand-drawn, inked, and colored with colored pencils & white gel pen on toned paper, then framed in tiny frames. The drawings vary in size (specifics will be listed in their respective Etsy shop listings) but are generally 2-3 inches tall, and each is between $40-$50 USD.

Halloween Vignettes

Original Drawings & Paintings

Original drawings are created with graphite, colored pencil, white gel pen, and ink on toned paper. Paintings are created with watercolor & colored pencil on watercolor paper. These come unframed.

Trick-or-Treat Gift Box

This box provides you with the sights & scents to make you feel as if you just stepped in for mulled cider at the Hearthstone Fables studio on a blustery All Hallows’ Eve. I feel like art is best enjoyed with a cup of tea and some beeswax candles flickering, and you’ll find that atmosphere tucked into this box.

★ I’m so grateful to my friend Lauren of Olde Liberty Goodes for providing the beeswax treasures!

4 boxes will be available

Here’s what you’ll find in your Trick-or-Treat box:

Beeswax Framed Sleepy Hollow Print: Crafted by Olde Liberty Goodes ( http://www.oldelibertygoodies.com ), this frame is made with blackened beeswax & scented with Cinnamon and Clove essential oils. It frames a print of an iconic portion of text from “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” by Washington Irving.

Beeswax Mini Tapers: These sweet little 100% beeswax, hand-dipped mini taper candles were created by Olde Liberty Goodes and are perfect for providing spooky, flickering Hallowe’en light. (Please always supervise burning candles and keep them away from flammables!)

Whipped Pumpkin Spice Body Butter: Made by Olde Liberty Goodes, this sweet 1 oz. container of body butter is soft & luxurious, with all the delightful scents of the Halloween season. Ingredients: Shea Butter, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Arrowroot Poder, Essential Oils

‘A Merry Hallowe’en’ Postcards: Share the spirit of Hallowe’en mystery with friends and family the old-fashioned way by mailing them a festive postcard! Two postcards are included. Size: 4.25 x 5.5 in.

Hallowtide Greeting Card: This little handmade greeting card, featuring a print of one of my drawings, is perfect for gift-giving or framing. Image is about 4 x 6 inches. Envelope included.

Hallowe’en Icon Stickers: A festive sheet of sweetly spooky Halloween Icon stickers, these are perfect for adding to your art journal, decorating notebooks, or just making seasonal scenes & pictures with.

Pumpkin: This mini pumpkin was grown right here at our farm, and I hope it brings delight to you this Hallowe’en! (Pumpkin is not edible – for decoration only).


A festive sheet of sweetly spooky Halloween Icon stickers is in my shop early! These are perfect for adding to your art journal, decorating notebooks, or just making seasonal scenes & pictures with.

Halloween Postcards

Share the spirit of Hallowe’en mystery with friends and family the old-fashioned way by mailing them a festive postcard! These postcards feature a print of one of my original drawings, and my hand-lettered Hallowe’en greeting message is layered on top of the art.

Halloween Greeting Cards

These festive Halloween greeting cards feature a sweetly spooky image on the front and are blank inside so that you can write your Halloween sentiments to friends & family.

Two varities of card sets will be available – a set of 3 (Hallowtide Greetings) and a set of 2 (Soul Cakes). Envelopes are included.

Prints coming soon!

I’m fortunate to have a wonderful local printer who supplies me with prints, but there’s a little delay on them – they should be ready by the end of this week, or early next week. I’m going to be listing them for sale right away when they’re done, and I’ll be offering free priority shipping on them so that they can get to you for Halloween!

Please reach out with any questions! See you soon!

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