Welcome, September – and a Michaelmas paper scene

Welcome, September – and a Michaelmas paper scene

Hi, friends! I hope you’re enjoying September so far. We’ve had some pretty hot days here, but we’ve also had a few “soup weather” days with a crisp breeze and the mist rolling in off the hills. I also enjoyed my first pumpkin spice latte of the season, which has become a September 1st tradition. 😉

This time of year, harvest is in full-swing. While a few things (like tomatoes) have slowed down, all sorts of beautiful staples are ready to enjoy. The pumpkin patches are also changing every day, with bright, cheerful flowers, and some green pumpkins starting to orange-up.

Inspired by this beautiful, liminal time, I painted the September Elk welcoming you at the top of this post, his antlers clad in vining, ripening pumpkins & pumpkin blossoms.

In the spirit of this pumpkin patch elk, we also took advantage of one of the chillier days to make a summer-meets-fall soup…pumpkin blossom corn chowder. It was a winner!

After a long hiatus from selling in my Etsy shop, I’m excited to be offering some art for sale in it again! Keep an eye out here on my blog, newsletter, & Instagram for a date…I’ll be releasing some seasonal originals, prints, stickers, and even candles! Part of this update will include a collection of Michaelmas art, and one of the things I’m especially excited to share with you is this Michaelmas scene.

Last year, I started making three-dimensional paper scenes for my kiddos – they’re SO fun to make, and I found it was a great way to talk about & celebrate feast days in another tangible way. Assembling these was half the fun – I scanned in all my hand-painted work, arranged it on the computer, and then gave prints to the kids. With supervision & safety scissors (and a little help here & there), they were able to cut out and assemble their scenes! They loved playing with them, and we’ve stored them in envelopes to bring out again next year.

For Michaelmas, I have an autumnal scene to share with you! Since the Feast of St. Michael is traditionally the last day of the season to pick blackberries, Goose is gathering the few remaining berry clusters in her basket, just as the bramble leaves turn their autumnal colors. She’s also celebrating with an old tradition from the Hebrides – Michaelmas carrot-pulling, to see if she can find a lucky two-pronged carrot!

This sweet, interactive Michaelmas scene will be available in my shop with my next update, both as an instant digital download that you can print at home and as a physical print for you to cut & assemble. I’ll hopefully be launching my shop update next week, but please continue to keep an eye out here and on my social media for a date!

Have you started to enjoy some fall traditions this September? I’d love to hear about them!

Best wishes,

3 responses to “Welcome, September – and a Michaelmas paper scene”

  1. These are adorable! Because of your feature on Michaelmas traditions, my girlfriend and I took my 8 month old blackberry picking at a local farm- he was delighted to eat them right off the bushes. I just baked a peach and blackberry cobbler with the rest of our spoils and sense a new family tradition coming on! Thank you!


    • Oh my goodness, thank you so much for taking the time to share, Katharine – I can’t even tell you how much that fills my heart up to hear! ❤ What a beautiful new tradition for your sweet family- I’m so touched to know these recent Michaelmas features helped to inspire a bit. I’ve never celebrated Michaelmas before, so this has been all new (and meaningful!) territory for me. It’s a joy to get to walk beside you in learning about these traditions! (And that cobbler sounds AMAZING 😍)


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