St. Catherine’s Guild

St. Catherine’s Guild

Good morning, friends! We’re quickly nearing Autumn, and there’s been a definite shift in the weather here. Warm days are a little more tempered in the evening, and we’ve been thrilled to have some rainy, misty days – hints of fall days to come. As cooler seasons approach, and we’re all turning toward our cozy, homespun crafts, some friends & I have a new project that we’re excited to share with you and invite you to join in on – St. Catherine’s Guild!

This summer, two friends (Amy – my lovely sister-in-law – and sweet Heather of Sleightholm Folk Art!) & I started doing a monthly art challenge, where we would each create a piece of art inspired by some theme from the lives of the Saints or the liturgical calendar. Seeing our three unique perspectives on different themes has been so much fun!

Inspired by the concept of a Medieval guild – where artisans would band together for a common goal & enrichment – we decided to start St. Catherine’s Guild, inviting our lovely community to join in so that we can all inspire, encourage, and lift up each other’s creative work! We chose St. Catherine of Bologna as our guild’s patroness saint – an Italian nun born on September 8, 1413 in Bolonga, Italy (her feast day is on March 9). She wrote spiritual treatises, poetry, painted, and illuminated her personal breviary. Self-taught, her style was influenced by needlework and other folk crafts from that period.

Blessed Caterina da Bologna, Ms. Ludwig IX 13, fol. 185v. J. Paul Getty Museum.

We’d love to have you join us in the guild for our monthly themes – whether you’re a painter, knitter, baker, poet, or just love to enjoy art! At the moment, you can find us on Instagram as @st.catherines.guild , and you can share your creations there with the hashtag #stcatherinesguild.

Our theme for September is Michaelmas! The Feast of St. Michael is on September 29th and is filled with so much history, tradition, & symbolism. We’d love to see what creations you come up with inspired by Michaelmas (or other liturgical themes that suit your fancy!)

There’s another fun piece tied into this… I’ve started keeping a liturgical art journal this year, where I jot down notes & reflections inspired by the history & traditions of the feasts and fasts of the Church’s calendar, with little drawings emerging inspired by my notes. It’s been such an illuminating process for me, and I’m excited to share it with you, too, so that you can journal with art through the liturgical year alongside me!

So, for our September theme for St. Catherine’s Guild, I created a Michaelmas art journal prompt page – available as a FREE downloadable printable! It’s filled with some ideas to help get creativity flowing, as well as little tidbits about this feast day. You can expect to (hopefully) see a new journal prompt page each month to complement our guild’s theme!

I hope you find our growing guild community, and these extra resources, to be fruitful! Amy, Heather & I have already gotten so much joy from this, and we’re excited to be sharing in the journey with you.

Best wishes,

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